What It's All About

Working one-on-one with a startup coach is about:

  • Identifying a clear vision, goals and measures of success

  • Assessing the current situation and opportunities for progress

  • Clarifying, questioning, and testing assumptions

  • Organizing priorities & focusing on results

  • Developing leadership and self-management skills 

  • Making concrete action plans and creating accountability

The Advantages of Coaching

Working with a coach provides a number of benefits over working with a mentor or consultant:

  • the coaching agenda is set by you, based on your priorities 

  • the coach works independently of your stakeholders or investors

  • as such, a coach has no bias or conflicting interest in any particular outcome or direction

  • your confidentiality is assured with an accredited coach as they are held to a code of conduct

  • coaching addresses the entrepreneur as a whole person, with goals, values, and challenges that extend beyond the business

  • coaching provides a structured and scheduled opportunity for the entrepreneur to stop and reflect

What People


How To Get Started

The first step is to have an open conversation about your business, your goals, what's holding you back, and about what it's going to take to make things happen. 

During this strategy session, we'll figure out what kind of coaching makes the most sense for you, what kind of commitment it will take, how budget comes into play, and what the next steps are. Learn more about the coaching process below.

The Coaching Process



one of the most critical steps is clearly defining and describing your vision for both personal and entrepreneurial success, and identifying critical opportunities for progress



we will establish a plan of action to move you towards your main goals, along with the first critical milestone for success - it's my job to help you get there!


this is about getting the work done between sessions, using the insights, actions, and resources identified


during your next session, we will go over your progress, assess any challenges encountered, and make a plan to reach the next milestone

What It Costs

A successful coaching engagement requires both financial and time commitments. It is critical to be focused during coaching sessions, and to take action between sessions to move towards your goals. The financial commitment can vary depending on the situation and frequency of sessions, but a typical monthly investment falls between $350 and $450.