My name is John Bowman and I help aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs take their ideas and startups to the next level

As an ICF-credentialed business start-up coach, I bring years of entrepreneurial, business, and coaching experience to help my clients gain clarity, develop specific goals and measures of success, and take concrete action to make their personal entrepreneurial vision a reality. My number one priority at all times is the success of my clients!


My clients include aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs, founders, solopreneurs, and freelancers, in industries ranging from software

development to fitness to visual arts and design.


Every successful entrepreneur and businessperson has found themselves in a situation where they are having trouble taking things to the next level. Whether there's a business idea you can't stop thinking about, a problem you're obsessed about solving, or you are in the process of building a product and startup company that brings your solution to the world, coaching can help! 


one of the most critical steps is clearly defining and describing your vision for both personal and entrepreneurial success

together, we will do an in-depth assessment of your situation and your startup or idea, to identify critical strategic opportunities for development

we will establish your first key milestone, criteria for success, and lay out an action plan to make it happen - it's my job to help you get there!

this is about getting the work done between sessions, using the insights, actions, and resources identified

during your next session, we will go over your progress, assess any challenges encountered, and make a plan to reach the next milestone

drop zone 1.png

A “drop zone” is the optimal area in which a skydiver jumps so he has the best chance of landing on target. The Startup DROP Zone is a model that defines the four factors an entrepreneur and startup need to have in place to have the best chances of success.


You're in the Startup DROP Zone if there is sufficient Drive - things like motivation, purpose, and engagement; the Resources - knowledge, skills, finances, time, and people; a real Opportunity 

- a problem that enough people are willing to pay to solve; and a feasible Plan - not only ideas to solve that problem, but a strategic set of steps that will lead you to success. 

We use the Startup DROP Zone as a framework for assessing your situation and startup. It is a powerful tool for identifying areas for development and progress, for building capability and confidence, and for strategic action planning when your entrepreneurial progress is stalled or stuck.